Malpas Pharmacy thrives supporting Care Homes using Innovative ATLAS eMAR

Malpas Pharmacy in Newport Wales managed and owned by Geoff Thomas since 2003. Geoff has made massive strides in growing his business. He provides services to the whole of Newport, Cwmbran Chepstow, Pontypool and Cardiff. The pharmacy has been extended owing to Invatech's ATLAS eMAR Technology use by all care homes. We asked Geoff about his plans.
What’s your goal for your pharmacy?
I want to continue to grow and provide a good service. My reputation is very important to me. I want to be a head of the game in terms of using technology because that is the real way to compete and I don’t want to be left behind. I want Malpas pharmacy to become a centre for providing services to care homes in the area. In the new pharmacy, I want to offer a new patient experience.
What challenges was your business facing?
We have steadily grown the care homes we service, and we offered the traditional blister packs and paper MAR charts. This way of servicing care homes is cumbersome and time consuming and would limit us in handling any many more homes than we already do. Everything is managed and organised on paper which doesn’t provide enough safeguards for the home, e.g. giving the wrong medication to the wrong patient. As a business we had to come away from paper MARs and deblistering items, which is very time expensive for my business.
What made you choose Invatech Health?
There was a care home group who wanted to change their pharmacy supplier but kept Invatech’s ATLAS eMAR system and they contacted me. I was pleased that the care home group approached me, but I didn’t know much about the technology. I was then contacted by Invatech who explained the system and told me the dispensing is all original packs. This made it much easier for me to take them on.
• ATLAS eMAR is very impressive because it supports the pharmacist by providing additional safeguards through the dispensing process, eg clinical checks and scanning of stock boxes.
• It is easy to use and does prompt us (pharmacists) to think in different way which I think is positive. We see ATLAS eMAR way of the future.
ATLAS eMAR is very much a safeguard and helps us double check everything. But what is great about ATLAS eMAR is that the technology prompts the check. So many elements built into technology to anticipate potential errors before they can happen.
• We don’t have to worry too much about going into different screens etc.
• The eMAR prompts you to scan prescription, enter any additional information and if there is something that is inconsistent - that is flagged up.
• On the care home side, it is ensuring that the care home is providing the right medication to the right patient at the right time.
• There are lots of good safeguards in place that makes it effective and user-friendly. It is the future.
• I was impressed that Invatech Health worked with Cardiff University to evaluate their system and it showed the value of the pharmacy service to care homes.
What benefits do you believe Invatech’s technology can bring to pharmacy?
• The Invatech model is advanced and does not demand a high proportion of space with in the pharmacy. However, I have chosen to dedicate a significant level of space because I can see the great potential this system gives me in expanding and growing my business.
• This means we can handle more nursing homes than we had ever imagined.
ATLAS eMAR has streamlined our service and care we provided.
• Care homes are singing the praises of pharmacy – care homes are winning awards because of the technology. One home recently won two awards.
• We have taken on 4 new homes and by the end of this year, that will be 11 care homes, which is fantastic. The Invatech support has been great, supportive.
What’s been the biggest improvement since implementing Invatech’s ATLAS Technology?
I am going to work more with Invatech. I love the technology. Previously we were at capacity for care home services – using ATLAS eMAR this has helped save time and money and it really is the way of the future. I have just expanded my dispensary to take on even more care home business. I am hoping t to open a new pharmacy next to a large health centre. In that pharmacy I want to use Invatech’s Titan PMR. It is like tomorrows technology, today. It will mean we are ahead of the game. I like the kind of thinking that Invatech implements in its Titan PMR technology, so I am also looking forward to Titan.

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