PharmacyExprezz sees exponential growth in its care home business since implementing Invatech’s ATLAS eMAR and CAPA technology

PharmacyExprezz is an online pharmacy owned by Waheedat Owodeyi in the seaside town of Great Yarmouth, Norfolk. The online pharmacy has been running since 2016 and employs a dedicated team with over 10 years’ experience providing advice on all healthcare needs. Waheedat wanted more control over her pharmacy processes and was keen to escape the limitations of the conventional pharmacy approach.

What made you decide to investigate the use of technology in your pharmacy?
Developing the care home side of our business is a crucial part of PharmacyExprezz’s strategy, so it is very important to us that we provide a service to care homes that facilitates and improves their medicines management. My team and I have known for some time traditional paper-based systems in care homes are fraught with challenges and wanted to use technology to streamline processes. As an online business, we rely on technology, and as a company that wants to be innovative and set itself apart from the crowd, we wanted to extend our use of technology into other areas of our service.

What benefits do you believe Invatech’s technology can bring to pharmacy and care homes?
Paper-based systems for medicines management in care homes are outdated and unreliable. Through Invatech’s technology, we have been able to enhance the medicines management process in care homes and help our care home clients to improve accountability and accuracy. From a pharmacy perspective, we want to remain competitive - Invatech’s technology has allowed us to overcome issues with storage space in our pharmacy, move away from de-blistering items, and provide a more rounded service to our care home customers.

What’s changed since implementing Invatech’s ATLAS eMAR technology?
After speaking to Sajid Ramzan, Head of Sales at Invatech, we implemented Invatech’s technology in 2016 - ATLAS eMAR (the electronic medicines management system used by care homes) and CAPA (the pharmacy dispensing solution).

The technology has been great and has allowed us to grow the care home side of our business significantly - we began with four care home customers and have now taken on another 11. Crucially, the technology allows us to monitor these care homes, so we know exactly what’s happening with regards to medications (such as stock updates, medication deliveries, etc.). Having an insight into the medications in care homes gives us far more control, so we can offer a far better service to our care home clients.

Would you recommend Invatech? 
Absolutely. The technology is user-friendly and the support I’ve received from Invatech has been great. Since working with Invatech I have been able to achieve my aim of growing the care home side of my business whilst using the technology to improve accountability, patient safety and business efficiency.

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