Our story

ATLAS was created in 2014 and has since become the market leader for electronic medication management.

Many years ago, the team set out to solve care home’s challenges with managing medication.  This journey saw us create the UK's first eMAR system and gave rise to ATLAS, which has contributed to outstanding efficiencies and medication safety in care homes.  

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Part of the Person Centred Software family  

In 2022, Person Centred Software acquired ATLAS eMAR.

Already having had a partnership for five years through their integrated products, the acquisition was the next step in providing one truly interoperable eco-system of care. Described as a “game-changer” to how information is shared between health and social care, Person Centred Software continues to pave the way for connecting health and social care and providing care providers with products that drive outstanding care.   

ATLAS PCS Aqusition
PCS Products

Person Centred Software offer a Connected Care platform covering the full spectrum of care management through a suite of integrated solutions with a focus on driving outstanding care and improving lives in social care. 

Solutions include care planning, medication management (eMAR), wellbeing and activities, care home operations, intelligent care & analytics.  

Person Centred Software’s Connected Care platform allows you to use one solution on its own, or you can use multiple connected together, all through a single device.  

Person Centred Software’s seamless integration philosophy also extends to solutions offered by valued partners providing you greater flexibility and opportunity to connect all aspects of your care management. 

Whilst the ATLAS eMAR system continues its partnerships with other digital care planning systems - Person Centred Software continues its relationships with other eMAR systems. As a result, those who choose to use both products experience an enhanced level of integration – benefitting from a unified eco-system of care delivered from the two market leaders in their respective fields.   

ATLAS Nurse Device

At Person Centred Software, our mission is to drive outstanding care and provide a best-of-breed eco-system of care. Bringing ATLAS eMAR into our range of products helps us achieve this and develop further innovative technology to improve medicine management, digital care planning and much more, now and in the future.

Andrew Coles
Chief Product Officer, Person Centred Software