A safer and accurate way to administer resident medications

ATLAS eMAR, a market-leading electronic medicines management system, allows care providers to manage their entire medicine process safely and efficiently.

The system ensures the ‘5 rights of medication administration’ is adhered to: 

Resident - White
Right Resident
Medication - White
Right Medicine
Number one - white
Right Dose
Time - White
Right Time
Route - White
Right Route

Designed for ease of use, ATLAS eMAR saves carers time in the following areas:

  • Booking in of medication 
  • Reordering of monthly medication 
  • Auditing your home   
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ATLAS eMAR - device

What are the benefits of using ATLAS eMAR? 

  • Provides a safe medication administration process 
  • Allows for continual and efficient monitoring of resident’s wellbeing  
  • Hugely reduces risks around medication errors  
  • Saves you time (we understand how long booking in of medication can take without a system)  

ATLAS is one of the most efficient and safest eMAR systems to date. It allows for compliance with regulations, daily medication audits and safety in administration. ATLAS eMAR has reduced medication errors to 0 in the last 5 years and has supported in achieving Outstanding in CQC inspections. 

Nurses who have left to work at other services or have used ATLAS and gone on to use other systems say that ATLAS is the best system out there. I often showcase ATLAS to other providers and at Best Practice Assurance Groups in GM.  

Craig Priestley
Gorsey Clough Nursing Home

Features of ATLAS eMAR 

Barcode Technology

Barcode safety 

Atlas's hand-held device, used by staff, shows the medications that should be administered. Simply pick the packet and scan the pharmacy label using the barcode reader. Atlas’s hand-held device runs automatic safety checks (medication, dose, timing, recipient) and flags up any potential issues.

Centralised Dashboard  

Centralised analytics dashboards

Every transaction related to medication can be logged, along with staff codes, so a full audit trail is available on the centralised dashboard, giving you complete oversight of everything. This information can be used to evidence quality to regulators and carry out internal investigations. In addition, the reports available from the centralised dashboard give care home managers the ability to identify staff training needs and areas of practice that need to be addressed. Senior Management can also be alerted to any care homes falling short of expected standards.

Group Reporting  

Create reports faster

The group reporting tool, an analytics tool designed especially for care homes, provides a single rating for medicines management. Created for groups that want to compare performance between services, the group reporting tool takes data from Atlas PCS, allowing care homes to identify areas of improvement easily.

Stock Control  

Improved stock control

Balancing medicine stock levels is fundamental to good medicines management and plays a key part in the overall quality of service provided to residents in care homes. Atlas helps manage stock levels to avoid overstock whilst ensuring that medications don't run out. 

Optimisation of therapy

The reports available from the centralised dashboard  help to ensure that residents' therapies are reviewed effectively. For example, the Clinical Medication Report provides a snapshot of the current status of a resident’s medicines management and can be used to prompt effective review.

Improved practice

Atlas helps enforce good practices throughout care homes. Adherence to PRN policies, stock ordering protocols, homely remedies, topical creams and controlled drugs procedures is enforced on the system, which improves compliance, and issues such as missing entries on MAR charts become a thing of the past. 

Pharmacy Integration  

Dispensing processes tailored to your requirements 

Pharmacies connected to Person Centred Software’s ATLAS eMAR system follow a strict process for dispensing medication. Each prescription is scanned into an image that can be viewed on the centralised dashboard. Each medication item is barcode-validated to ensure it is correctly dispensed, and every label is issued with a barcode so it can be scanned on Atlas’s hand-held device.  

Choose your pharmacy 

As the number of pharmacies connected to Person Centred Software’s ATLAS system grows, you will be able to select from an increasing number of pharmacies to supply medications to your care home.  

Medication Ordering  

Connecting Care Homes and Pharmacies

The system digitally links care homes to pharmacy dispensing systems which improves the transparency of the process, saving time. 

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