ATLAS eMAR Devices

Offering multiple handheld device solutions to help staff evidence the care
they are providing to residents.

The devices we provide are tested to work with both Person-Centred Software’s Digital Care Planning System and eMAR system and are specifically chosen with the care industry in mind to possess beneficial qualities such as:

  • Rugged for everyday use 
  • Reasonable weight 
  • A size that fits in a pocket 
  • A battery that lasts the duration of a shift 
  • The ability to be locked down to prevent non-work activities
ATLAS Device
We currently offer two solutions for the handheld devices, see below for more details: 

Zebra TC21-HC

We believe the additional features offered by the Zebra device provide benefit to the care sector that isn’t offered on other devices in the industry, these include: 

  • Swappable batteries mean that customers only require 1 device for each carer on their largest shift, not 1 device per carer on the largest shift plus second largest, therefore a 1:1 carer to device ratio instead of 1:1.8

  • GDPR/DSPT/NHS Mail peace of mind compliance – 4 Year device security and support

  • Device lockdown, restricting access to settings and applications which would normally distract from care delivery

  • Rugged device IP67 Rated – protection from immersion in water with a depth of 1 meter for 30 minutes and protection from contact with harmful dust

  • NFC integration supporting Digital Care System NFC care actions 
Zebra Device
Samasung sCover5

Samsung Xcover 5

The Samsung Xcover 5 is the upgraded version of the previous Xcover 4 we used to offer. 
We’ve continued to offer Samsung as an option due to the high build quality. With a more familiar feel for your staff as it closely resembles what they would use for their personal phones, the Samsung Xcover 5 is a more powerful handheld solution for your staff. 

The IP68 rating helps protect your Galaxy XCovers 5 from water and dust and it meets MIL-STD 810H standards, meaning it's durable enough to withstand (1.5m) drops 

The Samsung offers advanced security features to ensure the devices can only be accessed by your staff and also protect your data. Samsung also include consistent security updates for the life of the device.  

Other functions include: 

  • Increased touch sensitivity screen to work whilst users are wearing gloves

  • Waterproof

  • Sleek and Durable design 
Optional: We offer phone cases and screen protectors for your Samsungs to provide additional protection. 
Samasung sCover5

Speak to us today about our ATLAS eMAR device options and how it supports medication management in your care home.

Things to consider when sourcing for your own device

Devices can be sourced yourself if you choose not to go with our Device as a service.  

Device Lockdown (MDM) 

We offer our own Mobile Device Management (MDM) which will lockdown the device(s) so that it can only be used for our Digital Care app and prevents access to non-work related apps and internet browsing. We issue our devices with the MDM on as standard but you can request for the devices to not be locked down.   

If other apps are required to be installed and accessed by the devices, you will need to contact our Support Team who will be able to allow for other apps to be installed, however, not all apps will work with the MDM installed. 


Charging Racks

We offer Charging Racks for both Zebra and Samsung Xcover 5 devices which can be installed on a wall or desk as a central charging/docking station. The Charging Racks are charged separately, and capacity differs, depending on which device you choose. See table below.  



Zebra TC21-HC

4 Batteries

Samsung Xcover 5

10 Handsets


Individual Samsung devices come with a single Charging Cable included in the box. 

The Zebra devices come with a charging rack to house the batteries not in use. Charging racks have a capacity of 4 batteries at a time and we will issue enough racks to cover the number of devices you require. 

We continue to research and explore the market for handheld devices suitable for the care industry, as a result we may introduce new or replace the devices listed above at any time.