Sep 11, 2023

Two-way eMAR integration between care home and pharmacy

Discover how ATLAS eMAR’s two-way integration improves medication accuracy and management 

The management of information between a care home and the chosen pharmacy is one of the most important factors to ensure medication accuracy.  

To make sure that the right resident always receives the right dose at the right time, various areas of medication management need to be overseen, such as medication ordering, a change of medication information, the managing of stock levels and more. 

With ATLAS eMAR’s two-way integration between care homes and pharmacies thanks to ATLAS Pharmacy the management of information to ensure superior levels of medication management and accuracy has never been easier. ATLAS eMAR’s unique two-way link barcode technology ensures that critical information on dosage, stock levels, changes to medication and more are processed in real-time, with all the information needed by both care homes and pharmacies available in one place.  

Using two-way linked barcode technology, care homes and pharmacies can effectively eliminate medication errors when it comes to prescribing and administering medication to residents.  

The infographic below will take you through the process of how ATLAS eMAR ensures best practice for medication management and accuracy; it will show you how ATLAS eMAR is the only solution you will need to ensure you are providing the best care possible through accurate, safe and streamlined mediation management.  

PCS GB - ATLAS eMAR 2-way Infographic

ATLAS eMAR, which is part of Person Centred Software’s Connected Care Platform, provides you with all the tools you will ever need to ensure that residents’ medication requirements are always met. 

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September 11, 2023

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