Sep 03, 2023

ATLAS eMAR is essential for Springdene Group's regulatory compliance



Streamlining pharmacy interactions and medicines management 

Mark Clements is the Group Operations Manager for Springdene Care Homes. Previously, he was the clinical audit officer responsible for introducing ATLAS eMAR across the group while collaborating with a large pharmacy chain. Mark and his team evaluated various eMAR systems that ensured resident safety and improved operational efficiency before implementing ATLAS.  

Below, Mark shares his experience with ATLAS eMAR. 

What are some of the barriers facing the social care sector in relation to managing medicines? 

Our Springdene group used different supply models for medicines management, including local pharmacies and corporate pharmacy chains. However, there were difficulties with the central model that some pharmacy chains used, where dedicated dispensaries for care homes were often located miles away - this posed a problem, particularly when patients required acute or interim medicines.  

Having a central pharmacy model meant less frequent deliveries, communication challenges (long waiting times on the phone), and no assigned pharmacist to service the homes, resulting in a different person every time, making it challenging to establish a connection. 

On the other hand, the local pharmacy model worked well because it was more direct. With the implementation of ATLAS eMAR, the experience improved significantly because of the integration between care homes and local pharmacies. The pharmacies we use are now very close to our homes, which is excellent. Furthermore, the support we received from the ATLAS eMAR team was exceptional. 

What makes ATLAS eMAR so appealing? 

ATLAS eMAR has allowed us to reduce the need and reliance on paper-based MAR charts, which were prone to errors and poor recording. With the ATLAS eMAR interface, we now have greater control over managing stock levels in our care homes and the ability to audit all aspects of medicines management, which is particularly useful for ensuring compliance with CQC inspections.  


I generate a monthly report that I send out to managers. If there are any areas in red, I prompt them to communicate the issues to individual staff members to follow protocol more stringently because otherwise, they are putting themselves and residents at risk. If there are any issues relating to safeguarding, it's easy to understand where errors have occurred and what actions need to be taken. Furthermore, the ATLAS Scorecard is very helpful in enabling me to make well-informed decisions regarding compliance. It's an excellent tool! 

In terms of care home regulations, what are you trying to accomplish? 

As a Group Operations Manager, my top priority is to ensure that our residents receive their medications safely and that all our staff are adequately trained to administer them. ATLAS Scorecard allows me to run off reports andhelps me identify areas where we may be falling short, where our care can improve, and where staff may need additional training.  

Furthermore, ATLAS eMAR's handheld device with built-in barcode scanners enables our care teams to scan the barcodes on the dispensing labels at the point of administration, verifying whether or not the scanned medicine is correct for the resident. If the medicine is incorrect, the system immediately alerts the carer of an error. This barcode technology has significantly increased resident safety across all our homes and meets important CQC safeguarding and compliance measures.  

Is there anything you can do now that you couldn't do before? 

The ATLAS Scorecard, an excellent group reporting tool, provides me with a comprehensive understanding of care home compliance from a staff level upwards. 

If a home is having difficulty achieving 100% compliance in medicines management, the ATLAS Scorecard helps me identify the issue and the staff member having those difficulties. Care home managers can then arrange further training and supervision if needed, which can be implemented accordingly. Previously, we were unable to tackle these concerns with such precision and efficiency. 

What benefits can ATLAS eMAR's technology bring to care homes? 

Using ATLAS eMAR has made our workforce more efficient and improved how we provide care through a local pharmacy model. During an inspection of one of our homes by the Clinical Commissioning Group, inspectors were looking at medicines and stock control – they were impressed with how the technology supported our practices and how ATLAS eMAR has reduced the wastage of medicines.  

The system provides easy access to all data, and with just a touch of a button, we can generate a full report, which helps our staff prepare for if a resident is admitted to the hospital. 


What's been the biggest improvement since implementing the ATLAS Scorecard? 

As the Group Operations Manager for Springdene Care Homes, I can now oversee medication management across all care homes. With the help of the ATLAS Scorecard, I can now monitor medication rounds, keep track of each resident's medication history, keep an eye on stock levels, and access a complete list of medication logs - this has significantly improved our operations. 

I'm now collaborating closely with my team, particularly the unit managers, to identify the elements within the ATLAS Scorecard that most benefit them and their staff members. We are engaging in ongoing discussions to ensure the Scorecard is customised to meet their unique needs and requirements. By tailoring the Scorecard this way, we hope to enhance its usefulness and effectiveness in achieving our organisational goals. 

Would you recommend ATLAS eMAR? 

As a service provider, we are delighted with the performance of ATLAS eMAR. The ATLAS eMAR team is always there to listen to our concerns as customers. If we require additional features, the team is always ready to discuss and work together to make the necessary changes.

The cost of the system is insignificant compared to the safety of our residents, the assurance it provides to our staff, and the competence it ensures in administering the correct medicines. Our staff are enthusiastic about using the system and highly recommend it. 


"With the help of the ATLAS Scorecard, I can now monitor medication rounds, keep track of each resident's medication history, keep an eye on stock levels, and access a complete list of medication logs - this has significantly improved our operations."

Mark Clements, Group Operations Manager
Springdene Care Home



Streamline your pharmacy interactions and medicines management with ATLAS eMAR

Proven to increase resident safety and improve care home efficiency.


September 3, 2023

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