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Medication accuracy in care homes: Your questions answered

Martin Wall, Customer Experience Manager for ATLAS eMAR, explains what medication accuracy is, why it's so important, how ATLAS eMAR can ensure it, and much more.

How can ATLAS eMAR help with stock control? Your questions answered

Martin Wall, Customer Experience Manager for ATLAS eMAR, answers your questions on how our eMAR system helps with stock control

How CQC Standards for care homes can be met using ATLAS eMAR

How ATLAS eMAR improves medication accuracy and helps to achieve the CQC Standards for care homes

How Priory Pharmacy used ATLAS Pharmacy to reduce dispensing errors and increase revenue

Discover how Priory Pharmacy reduced the number of dispensing errors and increased their revenue with the help of ATLAS Pharmacy
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Why operational efficiency is so important for medicines management

We discuss the problems around medicines management that arise from a lack of efficiency in care homes and discuss the solutions provided by ATLAS eMAR

eMAR expert Martin Wall explains how ATLAS eMAR can help you achieve greater operational efficiency and medication management

Discover the ways in which ATLAS eMAR can help achieve greater operational efficiency through time and cost savings, as well as safer and more streamlined management

How managing medications can be the key to preventing falls

Discover how managing medications can be the key to falls prevention for those living in care homes.

How ATLAS eMAR has helped DMP Healthcare save valuable time

We spoke to DMP Healthcare, about exactly how ATLAS eMAR has helped them transform care provision by streamlining their operations, improving outcomes and saving time
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How DMP Healthcare saved valuable time and reduced paperwork with ATLAS’ eMAR software

Discover how ATLAS’ eMAR software helped DMP Healthcare streamline their operations, improve outcomes and save time
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