Springdene Group find ATLAS eMAR and ATLAS Scorecard essential for compliance with regulations

Mark Clements is the Group Operations Manager for Springdene Care Homes. In the past, Mark was the clinical audit officer and his role was to introduce the eMAR across the group, working with a large chain Pharmacy company. Mark and his team explored various systems that prompted safety and consistency for staff to use. Mark shares his experience of the ATLAS eMAR family of products.
What are some of the barriers facing industry?
We were using different supply models for medicines management across the Springdene group, including local pharmacy and more corporate pharmacy chains; the difficulties have been that a central model that some pharmacy chains where they have a dedicated dispensary for care homes often miles away is an issue, especially where patients require acute or interim medicines. Having a central pharmacy model means that deliveries for medicines are less frequent, communication is difficult (having to wait for long periods of time on the phone) and there is no ‘named’ pharmacist who is delegated to servicing the homes (i.e. there is always someone different). The local pharmacy model works well because it is ‘more direct’. ATLAS eMAR heightens this experience because of the integration between care home and local pharmacy. The pharmacies we are using for all our homes are very close by and this is excellent. The support by Martin Wall and the Invatech Health team has been excellent.
What is it about the technology so attractive?
ATLAS eMAR has allowed us to reduce the need and reliance of paper MARs which led to poor recording. We have more ability to manage stock levels in our care homes using the ATLAS eMAR interface. We have been able to audit all aspects relating to medicines management, especially where information for CQC inspections are concerned. I run off a monthly report that I send out to managers and if there are any areas in red, I prompt them to communicate the points to individual staff to follow protocol more stringently because otherwise they are putting themselves and residents at risk. If there are any issues relating to safeguarding, it is easy to understand where errors have occurred and what actions need to be taken. ATLAS Scorecard allows me to make advanced decisions with respect to compliance.
In relating to care home regulations, where are you trying to get to?
In the main, for us, is to make sure patients are issued their medicines safely and to ensure that all our staff are competent trained to issue medications. ATLAS Scorecard facility allows me to run off reports, thus has empowered me, as Group Operations Manager to understand where there are potential failings, where care could be improved and where specifically there is poor practice and where staff might require further training. Barcode scanning using ATLAS eMAR is great – it prompts and reduces errors, (for example if there is an item that is scanned), ATLAS eMAR will not allow staff member to issue wrong drugs and make an error. This meets very important CQC safeguarding and compliance measures.
What can you now do that you couldn’t do before?
ATLAS Scorecard - an operations dashboard of 12 medicines management measures - allows me to understand care home compliance right down to staff level. If a home is not meeting 100 % compliance where medicines management is concerned – ATLAS Scorecard helps identify the issue and which member of staff is having those difficulties. Care home managers can do further training, provide further supervision if required and this can be implemented. An important element with the ATLAS Scorecard allows me to understand time to issue medicines and actual time taken. Where medicines administration time is concerned, there is a countdown time and if medicines are not issued correctly, I can get details from ATLAS Scorecard and discuss with Invatech support. The support from Invatech to go through these errors and processes at various levels is great. Once errors are understood at staff level – they re-evaluate their practice.
What benefits do you believe Invatech’s technology can bring to care homes?
Using ATLAS eMAR and the ATLAS Scorecard has streamlined our workforce and the way we provide care through a local pharmacy model. We have had the CCG look at our practice in one of our homes where inspectors were looking at medicines and stock control – they were quite pleased with how technology has supported practice and how ATLAS has reduced wastage of medicines. The technology makes the data always available for example. with a touch of a button a full report can be printed, so this help staff to prepare if a patient is admitted into hospital.
What’s been the biggest improvement you’ve seen since implementing Invatech ATLAS Scorecard?
For me, as Group Operations Manager for Springdene Care Homes, I have oversight in how a care home is performing. I am working with my team (specifically, unit managers) to understand which elements of the ATLAS Scorecard would be specifically helpful to them and their staff members so there is more ‘customisation’. These are discussions we are having presently.
Would you recommend Invatech?
As a service provider we are pleased with Invatech Technology. If we want certain additions, we can make request with Invatech and this taken to the development team, so we are listened to as customers and changes are made. The cost of the system is negligible when comparing to patient safety and supporting staff, ensuring they are competent and are reassured they are providing patients with correct medicines. Staff are very positive about using the technology, and I would recommend the Invatech Technology.

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