Sep 03, 2023

Cornford House care home 'absolutely thrilled' with ATLAS eMAR's technology


Cornford House sits in extensive and peaceful grounds on the outskirts of Pembury Village, near Tunbridge Wells. The care home provides accommodation for residents with round-the clock nursing care. Lorraine Cousins is the Home Manager and uses ATLAS eMAR to support medicines management both at Cornford House and at another home within the Graham Care Group. We went and spoke to Lorraine about her experience of implementing ATLAS eMAR in a care home setting.

What was your original challenge?

Most of the accommodation is for physically frail older people but the home also offers nursing care support to older people living with dementia. This can often present challenges with medication rounds or increase the time spent in administering medicines. The old medication administration process prior to our implementation of ATLAS eMAR was very slow and tedious:

  • using bulky racks of blister packs;
  • receiving, lifting and checking every blister pack when they all arrived together for the new monthly cycle;
  • physically signing off MAR sheets;
  • storing and archiving large quantities of paper MARs, which was challenging and used up precious storage space.

We knew we needed to find a safe and efficient way of managing our monthly medicines.

What was it like implementing ATLAS eMAR?

Thankfully, ATLAS eMAR's technology is really easy to use, although excellent bespoke training was provided for everyone who would administer medicines. This made the switch-over to the new system really easy. 

How has ATLAS eMAR helped?

Since implementing the ATLAS eMAR system, medication rounds are much more efficient, and staff are not 'rushed' to complete the round. This allows them to give more attention and support to residents, especially those living with dementia. 

Really importantly, ATLAS eMAR makes the medication administration in our care homes incredibly safe by:

  • prompting and alerting system users to changes in medications or dosage;
  • preventing medications from being given too early;
  • flagging up when medications are missed or are overdue;
  • clearly identifying each resident with a photograph and key information (e.g. date of birth, allergies, GP details, and health conditions). This information is visible on the tablet, which allows for all the necessary information about a resident to be passed swiftly to a GP or the emergency services, when required.

The manager is provided with great daily analytics and reports showing any non-compliance, and highlighting medication administration timing, which prevents medicines from being given too early or late. Our lead registered nurse can use the reports and the resources on the ATLAS eMAR website to support the team with guidance on all aspects of medicine administration. Furthermore, the stock management process with ATLAS eMAR is efficient and safe. That's why we're thrilled with ATLAS eMAR's technology and would highly recommend it.

Find out more about how ATLAS eMAR can support your medicines management needs in your care home.


CQC have reported that our “medicines have been administered to people in a safe way” and our rating has improved to 'good'.

Lorraine Cousins
Care Home Manager, Cornford House



September 3, 2023

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