ATLAS eMAR - Medication Competency Assessment and Using Technology for Safety Training Day

On 9th May 2019, Invatech was pleased to invite First4HealthTraining to deliver a Medication Competency Assessment Training Day at our Head Quarters. The purpose of the day was to enable senior care home staff to assess their staff as being competent in medicines handling and management.

In addition, we were pleased to showcase our ATLAS eMAR, highlighting key features including safety and prevention of safeguarding incidents, and how this technology supports smarter medicines management in care homes. Sajid Ramzan was on-hand to provide delegates an ATLAS eMAR demonstration. This was an interactive session where delegates could get one-one hands of how this technology functions, and how the various features can be used to enhance the medicines management experience in a care home environment.

ATLAS eMAR was interactive, fast and most importantly, was easy to learn. ATLAS key features were highlighted, and delegates were shown what they could and could not do with the technology, and what value ATLAS eMAR would bring to enable care home staff to envision this working across care homes.

Care homes are under a lot of pressure. Understanding medicines management issues in care homes is perhaps one of the biggest concerns of our time. Care home teams need to be able to pinpoint what went wrong or how could it be done better? Trying to find the reason for under-performance without data is like trying to hit the bulls-eye on a dartboard with your eyes closed.

Tracking and reviewing data from care home processes helps senior teams’ pinpoint performance breakdowns so they can better understand each part of the process and know which steps need to be optimised to enhance performance. If senior care staff don’t have an understanding about performances, how can they ensure the resident safety and how can they improve?

We were pleased to have Fiona Headley present highlight key areas of her progressing study relating Big Data for Better Care Homes. Fiona provided detail on the importance of understanding issues surrounding polypharmacy and how data can help empower care home staff to understand prescribing and issuing patterns. Greater numbers of medicines increase the risk of errors.

Data and technology have the potential to not only improve efficiency, but also improve quality of services. For example, a shared platform for medicines management would strengthen the partnership between care homes and clinical staff, allowing for better integration and collaboration.

Integration is key. Paul John, our Group Relationships Manager provided an understanding of how a more coordinated effort between Care Homes and Pharmacies would allow best practice in future. Unique software designed by the tech team is used in community pharmacy and this is linked to ATLAS eMAR technology in real-time. This allows pharmacists to double check changes to therapy, chase up prescriptions, and understand the urgency of delivery from stock. This collaborative working also allows care comes to see pharmacy performance and vice-versa.

Paul highlights the importance of senior care home staffs understanding service level agreements (SLAs) between pharmacy and care homes for service transparency. Paul also summarises the importance of good practice and three keys to success: 1) Communication and Relationships, 2) Pharmacy should be well positioned, taking ownership and 3) care homes and residents benefit from a caring and supportive pharmacy team.

We are hosting similar days in Birmingham on June 21st and in Bodmin in July. If you are interested in these events contact us here.



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