Sep 12, 2023

What sets ATLAS eMAR apart from other eMARs?

ATLAS eMAR goes further than other eMARs to provide safe and streamlined medication management solutions 

Advances in technology have meant that the care industry has been able to make significant leaps forward in providing the best possible person-centred care. One of the ways in which this has been possible is the transition away from traditional MAR charts and towards eMARs (Electronic Medical Administration Records).  

An eMAR system can provide many benefits to a care home because it works to reduce medication errors, streamline medication management processes, improve resident health and safety and provide more detailed data and reports for the evidencing of care as well as a foundation for improvement and further development.  

An eMARs key functionality is to provide a care home with real-time updates to information on areas that have significant impact on the wellbeing of residents, such as medication orders, dosage, administration schedules and more. 

It can be in no doubt that an eMAR system will greatly improve the overall medication administration process as compared to a traditional MAR chart system, but it’s important to remember when looking at different eMAR systems that not all eMARs are created equal.

To reap all the benefits of the latest technological advancements in care provision, ATLAS eMAR should be your first choice, when considering different eMAR systems, and here’s why... 

How ATLAS eMAR improves medication accuracy, safety and overall administration

One of the biggest challenges for care homes is making sure residents get the right medication at the right time. And in an environment where medication dosage can change rapidly and multiple medications may be required for one resident, keeping on top of this information has always been a challenge, especially with traditional MAR charts, because making sure this information is always up to date is essential. If, for example, the wrong medication is given to a resident, or the incorrect dosage is given because records haven’t been updated, this can pose a serious health risk for residents.  

Barcode scanning

ATLAS eMAR gives care providers the tools they need to ensure that medication is always accurately administered because of the unique Barcode Scanning feature. Using this feature, care home staff can scan medication labels to ensure the right medication is being given to the right resident.   

Not only this, but in using ATLAS eMAR’s handheld device, care staff can make sure that they are administering the right medication because the system runs automatic safety checks that update in real-time on areas such as dosage, timing, changes and the recipient, and flags up any potential issues. With these systems of checks courtesy of ATLAS eMAR, it truly prevents staff from administering medication incorrectly. 

The system’s user-friendly features also offer a simple and intuitive interface that is easy for healthcare professionals to navigate, making the process of implementing the new system much easier and quicker and ultimately reducing the likelihood of errors during the medication administration process.  

What else sets ATLAS eMAR apart?

There are also many features of ATLAS eMAR that enhance medication management, streamline data and reporting and set it apart from other systems, such as: 

PCS Partners

Integration and interoperability

ATLAS eMAR is able to integrate with various health and care software, including Person Centred Software’s digital care planning system (mCare), and pain management services, among others, which promotes better data sharing and interoperability.

PCS Tablet_1

Real-time documentation

This gives care providers the opportunity to instantly update the system when medications are administered. By doing so, they can be confident that resident records will be as up to date and as accurate as possible.

PCS Medication

Medication monitoring

ATLAS eMAR has tools that are able to track areas such as medication adherence, which provides valuable insights into resident compliance when it comes to the administration of medication. Not only that, but it helps carers to know when to intervene if necessary.

PCS Dashboard

Customisable reports and analytics

Unique reporting capabilities allow care providers to analyse medication administration trends, identify potential issues and then take the appropriate action to improve outcomes. This is possible via features such as a centralised dashboard and ATLAS Scorecard, which gives care managers all the data they need in one place in order to maintain complete oversight of a care home or even a group of care homes. 

PCS Compliance manager

Compliance and regulatory support

Not only is ATLAS eMAR the only system on the market to be independently evaluated, but the software also offers compliance with industry regulations and standards, such as HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) requirements.

PCS Team work

Customer support and training

ATLAS eMAR isn’t just extremely user-friendly when it comes to improving medication management and accuracy, but it also offers excellent customer support and comprehensive training, ensuring that staff can effectively use the system as soon as possible to eliminate any difficult transition process.


Want to know more about ATLAS eMAR?

We've discussed the many ways in which ATLAS eMAR can help you achieve your goals in medication management, but if you want further information on what sets ATLAS eMAR apart from other systems, you can book a demo by clicking below.






September 12, 2023

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