Sep 02, 2023

COVID-19: Support from ATLAS eMAR (Part Three)


The Social Care Sector is facing a major challenge with COVID-19. Not only does the sector look after the most vulnerable people in our society, the challenge of having enough trained staff to care for these individuals is now exacerbated by the necessary practice of self-isolation. The disruptions in the medicines supply network may also mean that essential medicines do not reach residents in care homes. 

ATLAS eMAR, as the leading electronic medicines management supplier to the care and pharmacy sectors, has a responsibility to help and support the care of individuals in care homes and nursing homes. Therefore, in response, we offer support at different levels. This includes helping to supplies of medicines are maintained.

The continuation of supply of medicines has never been more important than now. ATLAS eMAR offers features to help support you maintain stock continuity for the residents in your care:

Alerts to low stock

ATLAS provides full stock control at the care home and alerts if medicines are running low on the hand-held eMAR devices, as well as on the manager’s portal, which can be accessed off site.

Secure email prescription requests

Care homes can produce prescription requests that are encrypted and can be emailed to the surgery for authorisation.

Collaborative working through integration with pharmacy

ATLAS uniquely provides a two-way link between the care home and the pharmacy. This allows pharmacies to see which residents are low on stock, which prescription orders have been placed with surgeries and which medicines are needed for the supply.

Clear visibility of the status of requested medicines

Care homes can see prescriptions received by the pharmacy, the status of dispensing and when to expect the supply at the home.

To discuss how ATLAS eMAR can support you with medicines supply continuity, please contact us here.

And see Parts One and Two for information on recording and monitoring signs and symptoms of COVID-19 using ATLAS eMAR and free resources for upskilling staff to administer medicines.

September 2, 2023

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