Sep 01, 2023

Eradicating errors with ATLAS eMAR

Cardiff University evaluated the safety of ATLAS eMAR in 2015. This was a huge piece of work for which they carefully assessed paper MAR charts in care homes and identified medicine errors.  They classified these into 23 different error types across 4 main categories.

error_class_eradicatedATLAS eMAR was then implemented in these homes and, following the implementation, the research team re-assessed for these errors.  In this re-assessment post-implementation of ATLAS eMAR they found that 21 of the 23 errors originally identified on the paper MAR charts had been completely eradicated! Furthermore missing entries had been reduced by almost 90%.

The table pictured is adapted from the original report and illustrates the 23 different error types discovered during the Cardiff University evaluation from November 2015 and how ATLAS eMAR overcomes these errors.

Find out more about how these errors are eradicated here

September 1, 2023

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