Dec 12, 2023

Medication accuracy in care homes: Your questions answered


Martin Wall, Customer Experience Manager for ATLAS eMAR, explains what medication accuracy is, why it's so important, how ATLAS eMAR can ensure it, and much more. 


Person Centred Software's eMAR specialist, Martin Wall, answers the most popular questions around medication accuracy.

Medication accuracy is hugely important within a care setting. In this video you will learn:

0.12: What does medication accuracy mean
0.26: How important is medication accuracy and precision in care homes and why?
0.51: What are the three most common medication errors?
1.30: How does ATLAS eMAR help with these errors?
3.05: What are the protocols or procedures a care setting can put into place to ensure medication accuracy?
4.09: Why is medication accuracy important in the care home?
4.44: How does ATLAS eMAR help with the level of care being provided?

If you're looking for more information on how you can harness technology to increase resident safety and improve care home efficiency, read more here about ATLAS eMAR or click below to book a demo.

December 12, 2023

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